When You Start A Blog

They say if you want to be a writer that you should start your own blog. But there are a million different blog sites and a million different blogs. How is someone supposed to compete with that? So you find one and make a site. You try to choose a name, any name, and then... Continue Reading →


A Home Not Defined By Four Walls

A week ago, I stood on a mound of dirt. I looked at the trees, the grass, and a couple of cows grazing and I left this sense of belonging. I felt like I was exactly where I needed to be in life. A few days after that I was carrying a basket on my... Continue Reading →

The Graduate

There’s an image of graduation. It is one of victory and change. As you walk across the stage and get your diploma there’s supposed to be a huge smile across your face, maybe a fist thrown into the air, and an image of your parents cheering as loudly as they can. But what you really... Continue Reading →

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