How Twitter Helped Me Professionally and Personally

A couple years ago I started my very own twitter account and then quickly lost interest. I tried to treat twitter like Facebook and only followed my friends. I soon found out that going that route was actually pretty boring.

A couple months ago I was reading Writer’s Digest and I realized just how important social media is in the lives of writers these days. Writers have to use social media as a platform for their work. No longer is it just acceptable to write something great but the author now has to market like a champ as well.

I looked at this and thought well I want to be a writer someday and followers don’t come over night so I better get into gear and start back up on my tweeting. What I didn’t know was that by treating my twitter as a professional platform I would actually find it incredibly interesting.

Not only did I start following friends but I followed authors that I admired, writing help accounts, interesting writer interview accounts, and magazines. These helped me understand more of the industry that I wanted to become apart of.

While I was starting my account again I was also looking forward to a trip to France in the summer and I was in a nonfiction writing class where I explored the topic of travel writing. I thought well travel writing is a long shot but that still doesn’t mean I can’t follow great travel twitter accounts.

And so I did.

I followed ones that made great books that I had researched and ones that happened to come my way.

Now when I look at my twitter it’s not filled with my friends coffee pics but with pictures of Paris and advice to wannabe writers like myself.

The benefits are that I’m learning more about the world. I see pictures and learn interesting things about places I’ve never been to. It’s cultivated my love for travel and the possibility of getting to write more travel articles in the future.

I also get to read great author interviews and I learn about new writing contests. I even learn about new job opportunities.

The reason why I love twitter now is because I learn something every time I log on and it’s all due to who I choose to follow.

Your passion might not be writing or travel but I encourage you, the person who has made it to the very end of this post, to follow accounts that are focused on things you love. Follow something to see if it inspires you. If it doesn’t you can always unfollow but trying to explore your passions is never a bad thing.

My advice is to keep your twitter profession but uniquely you because you never know in this digital age what opportunities can come you way if you just put yourself out there.

If you would like to follow my twitter then follow me @domi_scanlan. 11219151_10204812821975092_6687073551524044149_n

WARNING: I mostly post about writing and travel so, depending on the person, it can either be very exciting or very boring.


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