Food of France

Some may talk about streets and sights but today is a day of food.

I’m jamming in food from Paris, Nice and Arles all into one large story-through-food post.

I ate Mexican, Japanese, American and all the in between but unfortunately I didn’t take pictures of them all.

What I do have is just a few pictures, a sample really, of the food of France.


20150731_140412This was one of my first experiences with ordering in Paris. It was one of those point to something and hope you don’t hate it situations.

Sandwiches lined in rows on display and I wasn’t sure what anything really was.

What I thought was a tuna sandwich was really a hot cheese and red pepper and when the guy behind the counter asked questions all I could say was Oui. What I didn’t know was that I had just agreed to a meal that included two drinks and a dessert.

Feeling silly about having soda and a hot chocolate turned into me feeling super cool walking the Paris streets with my little mini hot chocolate.

It just proves that sometimes it’s good to wing-it and say yes when you’re in doubt.

20150809_12512420150811_133546Almost all the meals I ate in France were sandwiches. There was the chicken sandwich, the side-of-the-street-filled-with-avocados sandwich and the philly.

20150808_200503The funny thing about the philly cheese steak place across the street from where we were staying is that almost every other person working at any restaurant, bakery or stand on the side of the road knew more English then this guy selling the philly.

Sometimes you just miss home though and need some food that reminds you of it.


20150802_14204220150802_141405One of the great things about cities is that they don’t just live in the bubble of their own culture. On Sunday the Jewish quarter had lines 20 people deep waiting for what every vendor claimed was the best falafel in town! As I waited in line I got to watch them scoop the humus into balls and deep fry them. Then I watched the intricate process in the making of the falafel. There were so many ingredients I can’t name them all.

Fried, fried and fried

20150806_203451This is fried eggplant and fried green onions. Not the most filling or healthy meal out there but when you’re standing in a very long line and you have no idea what anything is or how you got in that line you suddenly just start pointing at things and saying Oui.

Yeah…. that looks good. I’ll just get that.


20150810_191514Out of all the foods, the sandwiches, crepes or even the Mexican restaurant, my favorite was the pasta. I loved a meal that didn’t involve squatting on the sidewalk because there’s never anywhere to sit when you get street food. I loved sipping wine and just relaxing from the normal running around we always did.

I loved getting to actually talk to the other people I was traveling with instead of just looking at something or moving in the direction of somewhere.

Sometimes it’s nice to master the art of just sitting.










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