The Best of Paris Sights

IMG_0170When you’re standing on the steps of the Sacre Coeur the whole city of Paris is laid out in front of you.

That Sunday there happened to be old cars muddling by in slow procession. People walked from car to car sharing their passion for restoration and preservation.

People gathered, as I’m sure they always do, to see the Sacred Heart of Paris and the view that this hilltop church has to offer.

IMG_0167The Notre Dame was beautiful, spectacular to walk around from all angles, but I preferred the Sacre Coeur.

I had heard that if you want to see a view of Paris that this is where you go to do it. Not only was the view great but so was the inside of the church and the car show only added to the experience.

If you make a trip to Paris I’d recommend a stop here.

20150802_125635Everyone’s heard of the Louvre. When I went on an art tour of Paris I thought that that’s what would stand out to me but really I barely got time to spend there.

One of the most memorable art destinations I went to wasn’t a big gallery but a small home gallery.

It was the gallery of Gustave Moreau. The lower floor was his house and before he died he build two extra floors that he used to display his art.

Hundreds of his works of art filled the walls. Art was on top of art and everywhere you looked there was just so much more.

It’s a lot smaller than the Louvre, less famous and maybe a little more off the beaten track, but it really was something to remember.

20150813_142655Another of my favorites was the Musee de l’Orangerie which houses wall length Monet paintings.

Besides the two rooms filled with enormous Monet’s I loved the other artwork on the bottom floor.

You can never go wrong with Monet.

20150731_152438A building that is as great on the outside as it is on the inside is the Musee National d’Art Modern.

Walking up to this building you just can’t help but love it. It’s massive in size and has a whole courtyard in the front where people are lounging about having discussions and20150731_173034 eating lunch. We sat for a hour or so just relaxing in the shade of the trees and dodging birds.

Everything from the neighborhood to the inside art to the guy loudly singing to himself was just an experience.

I love a place where you can just relax and take in the feel of it. This museum definitely let people do that and that’s what so great about it.

20150731_211711What would the city be without talking about the Seine?

Art and souvenirs lined the Seine but what was great about it to me was that in my last day of Paris we walked along and across it.

Last days always have that special feel to them. They give you that last bit of energy you need to explore as much as possible because you know that you’ll be leaving soon.

20150814_132835There’s the excitement that soon you’ll be home and back to eating food you’re familiar with but there’s also the sadness in knowing you’re leaving something beautiful behind.

There’s no guarantee that I’ll ever see Paris again. There’s no guarantee that I’ll ever step foot in France or even in Europe again.

Every day is special and the adventure is always there to be had.

Some moments stand out more than others but there’s always more to discover about Paris.


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