A Few Of My Favorite Things

2015-08-14 17.38.30One of my favorite places was a place we tried so hard to find. I ran down streets like a mad woman trying to find the little Shakespeare and Company bookshop. We asked store clerks and traveled down lots of streets. Without my friends I don’t think I actually would have gotten there.

Shakespeare and Company is stuffed with books. There are small rooms with large crowds that shimmy around each other.

There’s books from the floor to the ceiling and stuffed in any nook. Upstairs there were the famous cots surrounded by even more books. A big white cat was also there among the stacks sleeping by the window on a chair.

Jordan had to pet him to make sure he was real.

We weren’t allowed to take pictures but on the top floor was a typewriter facing toward the window. I can only imagine the words that would come out of someone with that kind of view.

Inside the store were lots of books and lots of classics. One of  my regrets was not buying the copy of Great Expectations that had the cartoon drawn cover. It was so unique and just neat. I love Great Expectations but I’ve already read it and I’m pretty sure I already have at least a digital copy. So instead I bought Wuthering Heights which I’ll hopefully read soon.

20150801_193909Someday I hope to go back to Shakespeare and Company and to the Jardin du Luxembourg.

IMG_0148The Jardin du Luxembourg was one of the first things we found ourselves. It was a few blocks from where we were staying and one of my wishes is just to go back and spend the day there. There was so much that I didn’t really get to see and take the time to appreciate.

When you’re going from place to place all the time it’s great to just stop and be somewhere so beautiful.

20150804_135035On every trip there’s a place that just surprises you.

This is one of them.

This picture below is of a place that I actually don’t even know the name of. All I know is that I was exhausted of going from place to place to place and tired of standing at museums. We took a long metro outside the city to come here and I was so happy just to be sitting.

Then we walked here.20150804_133728

It was surrounded by land like a big old money estate, which I think it was. Approaching it you could see people just relaxing out on the lawn. They were playing games and eating.

Inside was supposed to be filled with art but turned out only to have a few pieces. What should have been a bust, spending over 30 minutes to get here only to discover there’s not much art, was actually incredibly relaxing.

20150804_13164420150804_133023There was the moat of goat in the back  that we took our time looking at and then there was the old hunting/smoking room which had been turned into a really neat art instillation. It was also one of my favorites because it was just so interesting. The whole room was dark except for it and the “antlers” that were tiny pipes that emitted a stream of air.

There was also a room with a couple chairs and a wall of projected, ever changing, kaleidoscope images. The effect was very hypnotizing.

I think I spent 20 minutes just staring at this wall. I kept on waiting for it to repeat the same image but blues went to greens and stars went to circles and my life could have just been dedicated to watching this wall.

Eventually I did move and get up and see other things.

If I hadn’t then there wouldn’t be another installment of A Few Of My Favorite Things

coming tomorrow.

Till then,

Au revoir!


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