Down the Rabbit Hole of Art


I’ve piled together the art that I found weird, funny or fascinating.

20150731_15274920150731_161457Because discovering art is like going down a rabbit hole 20150731_163110and not really knowing what you’re going to find. It could be colorful or colorless, sculpted or painted, joyful or frightening.

20150802_125730Whatever you find though is always interesting.

I 20150803_110133didn’t really know a lot about art before I took this trip. I didn’t know the different techniques or all the20150802_125300 different styles but when you see something interesting it just doesn’t seem to matter.

Art is interesting whether it’s on the side of the road or hanging in a gallery.

It’s there 20150805_122511whether it’s a shirt made of tiny insect wings20150805_124529 or walls turning into trees. 20150804_133023

Art comes in all forms and interests all tastes so it becomes a universal form of enjoyment.

So this hodgepodge  of images is what I 20150813_144405have for you today. Something interesting, exciting, weird and above all entertaining.

Because when you go down the rabbit hole you never know what you’ll find. 20150813_142330


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