The Moment That Makes You Remember

Assassin’s Creed Unity is something that I hadn’t really been familiar with until this weekend. I’d heard of it. Everyone has. But I didn’t actually know what the game was about and I hadn’t ever really looked into it.

So recently Spenser brings it home and starts to play it.

I watch the screen and what do I find? Paris. France in the mist of the revolution right before my very eyes.

And it strikes me as funny that as I’m trying to come up with 10 blog post of Paris, as I’m shifting back through the memories, they come and find me in an unlikely source.

I see bits and pieces that remind me of what I left behind.


I’m taken to the architecture that I fell in love with. All the beautiful courtyards that I got to walk around and through are now digitally remastered to imagine what they looked like hundreds of years ago.

It’s funny, the things that will take you back and make you remember. IMG_0182

Europe has all this history that is so evident in their architecture.

It has so much history that a video game can take you back to somewhere that you’d left behind.

And for a bit I get to walk the streets again.


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