Me Before You by Jojo Moyes

me  before you

Grab a copy of this book right now. It’s worth the read.

If you don’t believe me, check out BuzzFeed’s page. They have an article titled “Me Before You” Is The Movie That’s Going To Emotionally Wreck You. Here’s the link where you read their article on it.

I feel a little bad because I hadn’t heard of this book until I watched the trailer a couple days ago. It seems like a lot of really good books don’t get the attention they deserve until they hit the big screen.

As soon as I saw the trailer I knew I had to read the book. It took me all of 10 minutes from pressing the play button on YouTube to pressing the purchase button on my Nook.

No buyers remorse here.


Louisa Clark is a quirky, 26 year old waitress who is perfectly happy with her small town life. The only problem is that the diner she’s been working for the last seven years is closing  up and she has to find a new job so she can continue to support her family. She works a couple awful jobs before an opportunity that she’s not quite sure of comes along. The job is being the caretaker of Will, a quadriplegic, ex-daredevil who used to live his life in the biggest ways possible, at least until an accident left him wheelchair bound. Will is also, more importantly, an asshole.

Louisa instantly feels from the moment she meets Will that he already hates her and thinks she’s stupid. As they months go by, Louisa and Will become comfortable around each and they form an unlikely friendship.


This story is more than just about Louisa and Will; their love and their personal growth. The story is fulled with the people who make up their lives from Louisa’s training obsessed boyfriend to Will’s overprotective mother. In some chapters we even get to see the story through their eyes.

What Me Before You really excels at is exploring the difficult life and choices of the quadriplegic and their caretakers.

The book surprises the reader with funny scenes that break apart all the serious moments. Me Before You is more than just a love story or a story about a man and his hired caretaker. At it’s heart, it’s about how people and situations can change you so completely that you are quite literally never the same.

The movie comes out June 3rd and stars the very handsome Sam Claflin. So, you know where I’ll be.

This is a book that I’m definitely glad I got my hands on.

I have to warn you that although you’ll laugh, you’ll also cry. This book is full of heartache and not all stories come with a happy ending.



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